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2005-06-01 - 3:20 p.m.

As promised (even if you hoped I wouldn't follow through), here are some pics from my trip home. There aren't very many because I really just wanted to take it all in without a camera. Sorry some of them are so big, but it's no real secret that I don't know shit about anything electronic. Here we go:

This shot was taken from my parents' back porch. I had to have this one blown up and framed, I love it so much.

In the evenings, deer and occasionally elk will wander up and feed on the lawn. Caveman is quite proud of his pheasants that have currently set up residence. He has about 13 bird houses set up around the yard along with two bat houses. He's creating his own ecosystem. If you look closely you may be able to see his traps set up just to the left of that second pole.

This is Carhartt, in heaven. At the moment I think she was scoping out a cow.

My mom and I went on a brief hike one day. This is the same river that was in the previous two photos. I felt so small up there. The sound of the river was deafening and it was so easy to just get caught up in the raw power of Mother Nature.

Me and the pooch.

Again, Mother Nature in her glory. This tree had apparently been dislodged from somewhere upstream and made her home upside down in a hole.

Like I said, there's not many of them. I'm saving the ones of the parties and my friends for myself, cuz I'm selfish like that.


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